About Open Orion

We are an early stage research and design company with the mission to supercharge engineering using AI + simulations. Our goal is to streamline intricate design workflows, elevate performance and efficiency, and boost overall productivity. Right now we are in stealth but stay tuned for some exciting developments later this year.

About Founder

Afshawn Lotfi is a founder and engineer with a passion for using machine learning to optimize complex systems. He graduated with highest honors in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he demonstrated a keen ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems.

He began his career at Tesla Energy, where he quickly established himself as a key contributor to the development of their machine learning Max Fit and Aesthetics algorithm for Solar Roof.

Today, Afshawn works on engineering design automation using his skills in geometry, simulations, and machine learning to optimize and generate the CAD and bill of materials of jet and rocket engines with minimal user specification.

Afshawn Lotfi headshot